Here’s to the Beautiful Earth

The Beautiful Earth

I feel grateful and privileged beyond words to be part of such a beautiful planet, perhaps the best place in the universe.  A tribute to the beautiful earth in my own little way for hosting me and bringing joy into my life.

For enduring inflicted pain, yet being so kind and loving,

For all the beautiful creatures that inhabit the planet,

For the elements, for the seasons,

For the multitude of colours and textures and the list is endless,

To sum up, heaven is on the earth.

What better way to start the post than with a picture of the Himalayas, an epitome of beautiful Earth. My love for the Himalayas is unconditional, for they personify beauty, might, peace and spirituality.

Shot this on my Annapurna Circuit trek, en route to Muktinath temple, in Mustang, Nepal, a sacred temple for both Buddhists and Hindus.

Some more pictures of Annapurna Circuit here.

Beautiful Earth, Nepal

Shot this on the same trek, en route to Manag, Nepal. One of the best and easiest trails with beautiful landscapes dotted with Horses and Yaks and comforting teahouses.

Beautiful Earth, Nepal

A fairyland called Eben am Achensee, Austria. All I could think of was, what would it be like to live here?

Beautiful Earth/Achensee, Austria

And this is the other side of the fairyland.

Beautiful Earth, Tirol, Austria

Ever since I visited Sri Lanka, I’ve recommended it to nearly every traveller I met.  And when I think of Sri Lanka, I think of incredible landscapes, pristine beaches, misty mountains, rich biodiversity, friendly locals, delicious food, in essence, one of my favourite Islands.

Beautiful Earth, Sri Lanka

This is another favourite Island of mine called Sylt, pronounced as Zult, in Germany.  Sylt is known for its rich Island biodiversity and enchanting landscapes.

Beautiful Earth, Sylt

More about Sylt here and here.

My sister used to say jokingly, “I will be OK to leave my husband, but not Kreuth, Germany”, where she lives. I used to think she didn’t love her husband enough until I visited her.

And this is a view from her dining room. She lives in a valley surrounded by alps, beautiful forests and a lovely lake called Tegernsee.

Also, checkout her Instagram pictures to believe it. 

Beautiful Earth, Kreuth, Bavaria 
Shot this in Tallinn, Estonia one of the scantily populated Baltic states and a digitally smart city.

Beautiful Earth, Tallin, Estonia

Kiel, my home away from home, in Winter. After I moved to Kiel, Germany, I started enjoying every season as it passes.  

And I love this quote from Henry David Thoreau, my favourite naturalist:

“Live in each season as it passes; breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

Beautiful Earth, Kiel

Also, here you can read about my first impression of Kiel and here about resigning myself to the influence of the seasons.

In closingas someone said “love the beautiful earth its the only one we’ve got”



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