A day trip to Moelln from Hamburg

It was on a day trek from Hamburg that I discovered Moelln (Mölln in German), my final destination before I took the train back home. Otherwise, this quaint little town in the Schleswig-Holstein state of Germany is what an ardent traveller would call a hidden gem.

P.s. Photos were shot using my phone, so please excuse the quality.

A day trip to Moelln

Once you’ve discovered this 12th-century town, you’ll begin to notice a pattern. You will see-all things-Till Eulenspiegel (Till Owl Mirror)-a trickster from the middle-ages’ folklore-everywhere you go. The legend goes that he spent the last year of his life in Moelln, thus, earning it the sobriquet Eulenspiegel town. He was famed for playing practical jokes on people to uncover their vices and giving them some food for thought. He somehow reminds me of Tenali Ramakrishna and Birbal of India from the same era, that is the 15th century.

When schools take children on an excursion to Moelln, the children seem to be concerned about only one thing, that is to touch the golden thumb of the famous Till Eulenspiegel’s sculpture. Apparently, doing so brings luck. But I wonder how they manage to reach the golden thumb in the first place. I had to move mountains, climb benches to reach the thumb. It didn’t occur to anyone that small people would also like to get lucky from time to time. And I’m yet to see the signs of luck.

A day trip to Moelln - Till Eulenspiegel

A day trip to Moelln from Hamburg or Bremen

You can’t just stroll around Moelln without stopping every few steps to gasp at the dreamy landscape. The tiny lakes streaming through the town, dotted with swans and lined with charming houses, cast a spell on its onlookers. It is best to visit Moelln in spring or summer, for you can choose a bench in one of the many beautiful parks and enjoy a scenic view of the dense forest from across a lake while licking a cone of your favourite ice-cream. With a plethora of cafés and restaurants to choose from, Eulenspiegel town is also a great place for foodies. It makes for an excellent day trip from Hamburg or Bremen or off the beaten path vacation.

A day trip to Moelln
A day trip to Moelln
A day trip to Moelln

While you are in town also visit:

  • St Nicolai Church
  • The cityhall (Rathaus) 
  • Mölln Museum
  • Eulenspiegel Museum

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