Rainy day traveling in Sylt: a different way to view the world

By Mamta Naidu
In Europe
Nov 16th, 2016

As a snake lover, I enjoy walking on damp forest foliage in monsoons; inspecting the surrounding for anything remotely suspicious, in hopes of finding monsoon critters, especially Pit vipers. After a few monsoons of snake hunting, rainy day traveling grew on me, not only to find some critters but also to explore a place in a different light, photographically and otherwise.

At times it does get a bit challenging, for instance, during monsoons, making a trip to a dense forest means buried neck-deep in leeches, while they suck your blood like vampires among other things. Despite the inconvenience, the perks of rainy day traveling can’t be ignored.

Rainy day traveling

Rainy day traveling in Sylt

On a recent trip to Sylt, the fourth largest Island of Germany, located by the North Sea bordering Denmark, I rediscovered the pleasure of rainy day traveling while Sylt presented itself in its typical mood: rainy, gray and chilly.

Rainy day traveling

Rainy day traveling

I strolled on the glistening, empty streets, skipping puddles. Took in the sight of the city drop pearls of rain.

The aroma of fried fish, a typical smell from restaurants by the coast, wafted through the air. I watched locals cozy up by outdoor fire heaters in pubs; making merry, sipping drinks, warm and cold.


Rainy day traveling

In the outskirts, the hue of autumn leaves turned brighter and glossier. Exhilarated Hares scurried in gardens, taking advantage of the absence of people watching the gardens.

Rainy day traveling

Sylt Keitum lane

As a background score, waves of the North Sea roared, and I fought the chilly wind blowing my hair over my face and clicked pictures. And ended my trip with a spectacular view of a rainbow. 

Rainy day traveling

Rainy day traveling

Also read about Sylt biodiversity here.

Travel tips for Sylt


How to get there:
International airports are at Hamburg and Lübeck. The only way to get here is by train and the only train station is in Westerland. 
Best time:
Although I traveled in November to enjoy the rain, May is still considered the best time to visit Sylt as it starts to get warmer.
Hikers, kite surfers, wildlife watchers, mudflat hikers, beach lovers, photographers, foodies, Sylt caters to everybody’s needs. 
In spite of its reputation as an Island for the rich and famous, it has reasonably priced hotels, hostels, shops, and restaurants. I stayed at a Youth Hostel and loved it for its cleanliness, great ambiance and free breakfast. 
Sea food restaurants are a dime a dozen all around Sylt.  Gosch is the most popular sea food restaurant with fabulous ambiance, located all over Sylt. Although I’m a vegetarian I visited the restaurant especially for its spirit.  They also serve salads, delicious potatoes dishes and desserts.  I ate an apple, cinnamon pancake and loved it.  


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