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5 Travel Books that will make you travel differently

I believe, the books you read shape your life by influencing the way you think, perceive the world or travel. Reading certainly instilled a sense of wonder in me. I travelled to learn about people, experience cultures, and the flora and fauna. And here are some of my favourite travel books that will make you travel […]

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10 Staycation ideas for a better you

Staycations are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. While you go on a long vacation sometimes, you can go on a staycation anytime you please.

It is after I moved to Germany watching the locals I learnt to enjoy staycations. For instance, coming from India, I took sunny days for granted and for good reasons. But here I notice when the Sun makes its grand appearance in summer, the sunroofs of cars slide open, the best sunglasses and barbecue grills will be on display in parks and balconies. People spend most of their time outdoors, making it looks like an open-air festival.

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Schwerin Castle

A day trip to Schwerin castle from Hamburg

I’m a sucker for scenic castles and the legends that entail them, and Germany is full of them, 20,000 castles to be precise, and I’m still counting the legends. My excitement knew no bounds when I discovered there was a stunning castle just 100 km from Hamburg. Thus, one fine spring morning, we set off on a day trip to Schwerin, a picturesque town and home to the renowned Schwerin castle.

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My experience visiting Marrakech, Morroco

I came away with mixed feelings visiting Marrakech, Morocco and I’ll tell you why.

Strolling through the narrow, dirt lanes of Marrakech, I travelled back home to India. Arrays of shops hugging the crowded streets sold an assortment of products: Moroccan jewellery, handwoven rugs, leather goods, and heaps of spices, among other things. Bright kaftans hung from the stores’ ceilings, and glass enclosures displayed Moroccan lanterns and what looked like brass and bronze artefacts. And the stray dogs wandering through the streets added to the Indian-ness.

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A photo guide to Sintra, Portugal

Peppered with wealthy people, expensive real estate, and expat community, Sintra is synonymous to splendour.  It is home to three palaces and a castle and one of the most expensive municipalities in the Iberian Peninsula. The affluent district is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, and need I say a popular tourist destination.

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A trip to Marzipan Museum in Luebeck, Germany

Marzipan Museum in Luebeck During my first University excursion, strolling on the damp streets of Luebeck, trying to digest all the information I gathered about the queen of Hanseatic cities, I first discovered Marzipan. “You must have heard of the famous Niederegger Marzipan”, my guide, a proud local, bragged. “Here’s the Marzipan museum”, pointing at, […]

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10 photos to inspire you to visit the Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds are the quintessence of a picturesque countryside. It is synonymous to market villages, sheep grazing over rolling hills, thatched-roof cottages made of honey-coloured limestone and meadows as far as your eyes can see. It feels like you’re walking right through the settings of a romantic English novel from another era.

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My favourite 10 things to do in Berlin

Amidst the quintessential chaos of a sought-after city, Berlin shines as bright as the midday sun. Once a war-torn capital speaks volumes to all those who listen.  Even if you are averse to cities, Berlin, infused with so much history, culture and art scene can make you think differently about cities.

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