Beautiful planet and why I like window seats

Ever since I was a child, while traveling, I made sure I got a window seat wherever there existed a window and having a severe case of motion sickness only helped and the habit continued. When I don’t get a window seat I first plead then bat my eyelashes, try to swap or bully, when all else fails, sigh, I take the aisle seat with a long face. With a camera in hand and love for the beautiful planet, my window seat fixation only got better.

Once when I got an aisle seat on the flight from Kathmandu to Kolkata, I fell all over the window seat guy next to me and clicked pics like there was no tomorrow. After a while, irritated, he turned to me and asked if it was my first flight, in the hope of putting me off. I giggled and continued. But I did tell him off, in my mind though, “dude, it’s the Himalayas, you cannot not click no matter how many times you fly.”


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