The scent of a horse

While riding a horse you are too busy observing your horse’s body language and communicating to the horse through your own body language. Therefore, you do not have time or space in your mind to process other thoughts. That state of thoughtlessness is what most people try to achieve through meditation. In addition, there is physical exertion. Every riding session feels like a spa session, except that it’s sweaty.

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There is more to Hampi than just epic monuments

It is true that in Hampi you can see more boulders and sculptures than you can see stars in the sky. And the locals will casually announce with a satisfactory smirk that it takes not less than one year to explore Hampi in its entirety.  If you do not have one year to explore Hampi, […]

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Roopkund- Of treks, snow-clad mountains and skeletons

Nuts, a cube of cheese, one small bar of dairy milk and toffees! It felt more like we were going to have a few ingredients of a full lunch.The look on my teammates’ faces was apocalyptic; as if Ajeeth just casually announced that, “henceforth, everybody on the team should live a life of celibacy.”

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Agumbe – A perfect anytime getaway for wildlife enthusiasts

Agumbe – A perfect anytime getaway for wildlife enthusiasts If you’re like me, a little stupid and love quaint little villages and gregarious denizens, Agumbe is for you. If you’re like me, a little weird and love incessant rains, a plethora of glistening little shrubs, tall trees in all shades of green, yellow and brown; […]

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My experiments with truth!

“ I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills”
– Mahatma Gandhi
“It is easier to follow the path to Mount Everest than to follow the path of truth”
– Mamta Naidu


My ordeal at the police station!

I scratched my head, cleared the dirt under my nail and began writing the letter with great determination. After 10 minutes of looking thoughtfully into the air and back into the paper, I gave him my letter with a satisfactory smile. He took my letter, rolled his eyes through it, rumpled it and aimed it directly into the Paan stained dirty looking dustbin. My face fell at once and I almost cried…

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