Tips to manage multiple interests without burning out

I started this as a note to self and then I thought I might as well extend it to people who might benefit from my reflections.

I have heard it time and again, to excel at something, you should have ONE goal and focus all your energy towards it and I’m not here to debate on the topic. Unfortunately, my interests range from doing a full-time job to studying technology to horse riding to traveling to writing to photography to wildlife. Although I’m a work in progress, I believe, it sure is important to have one goal and focus, but it is not impossible to manage multiple interests without burning out and be good at it.

 manage multiple interests

A few things I do to stay inspired and manage multiple interests:

  • Most important prerequisite to be good at anything is, don’t “just do it,” it fits best as a Nike slogan, be passionate as if your life depended on it
  • Commitment with a capital C and make it large, that’s the way it works
  • Prioritize and schedule all your activities by allotting daily, weekly, monthly time slots. It is as important as breathing
  • It helps if some of your interests can be clubbed. Like traveling, photography, and writing go hand in hand
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. THANK YOU Robin Sharma for this brilliant line. See! Expressing gratitude is as simple as that. Make it a ritual to take some time out before you go to bed and appreciate all the people/things that made you happy. A GRATEFUL HEART IS A MAGNET FOR MIRACLES. It’s not just a philosophy; there is science behind it. I suggest you experience it firsthand
  • Inspiration fuels consistency. To give your best, it is necessary to stay inspired most of the time if not daily. Watch inspiring videos, movies, subscribe to inspiring blogs, talk to people who inspire you, etc. Besides inspiration, although a fuel, is ubiquitous and free
  • Read, read a lot and read some more. There is no substitute for this one. Read books and blogs around your interests and aid your practices. Books that influenced me the most are: “Walden,” by Henry David Thoreau, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” by Robin Sharma, “My Experiment with Truth,” by Mahatma Gandhi, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Naepolean Hill, “The Secret” by Rhonde Byrne
  • Dream while you are awake! This might sound trivial, but visualizing your goals relentlessly as if you already realized them is like writing your own horoscope. You don’t have a choice but to realize your dream
  • Avoid negativity in all forms. Like naysayer, negative news, negative habits, etc. They are energy suckers and you don’t want to do all the hard work only to succumb to the negativity
  • Take breaks regularly, do nothing, breath and just observe without judging your thoughts.  To master the art of “just being” read “Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Last but not the least, and for the nth time, sleep at least seven hours a day, because when you are sleep deprived, you will become slower than the sloth, your productivity takes a beating. And exercise four to five days a week to have a healthy state of mind and body and to be an A grader at everything you do

Having said that, it is not humanely possible to stay inspired and positive all the time. So when you’re feeling lazy, low or not so inspired, accept it, experience it, give it a break, sleep in, relax and breath. Then get back to following all the aforementioned steps.

Here’s to getting high on life.

Have some tips to manage multiple interests? Share and inspire!

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