Beautiful sunsets: The new therapy I’m addicted to

By Mamta Naidu
In Europe
Apr 30th, 2017
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I watched the most beautiful sunset of my life sitting on a bus en route to Amsterdam. The only effort I made was to elbow my way to get to the front seat, on the top deck. I did earn some nasty looks in the process, but it was all worth it. I’ve turned into a sunset addict ever since. I also acknowledge the fact that being a sunrise addict would do me more good and it is on my bucket list, for over 15 years, that is.

An ugly photo, but this is the beautiful sunset I saw sitting on a bus which inspired me to enjoy more sunsets

Beautiful Sunset

While I saw the Sun nearly every day in India, I did everything to protect myself from it. I realized its value after I moved to Germany. My flatmate nearly fell off her chair, when she discovered that I went sunscreen shopping. And when she said, “you won’t need that here”, I retorted with a “yeah, right! What do you know about tanning”. Only now as I look at the sunscreen lotion, gathering dust in the corner, I get what she meant.

It appears to me that the Sun goes on a six-month sabbatical, perhaps to India, to shine its strongest. When I tell my friends that I miss seeing the Sun and worry about not having enough D vitamin, they respond to me saying that “the Sun is currently busy frying people in India.”

Beautiful Sunset

North Germany is known for its gray weather and in Kiel, it rains nearly every day, all seasons. Therefore, when the Sun makes its grand appearance, people go wild with joy. The sunroof of the cars slide open, men go shirtless while women show off their glossy legs, all in the pursuit of getting a tan, the best sunglasses and barbecue grills will be on display in parks and courtyards. It does look a bit like a festival.

After my best sunset experience on the bus, I resolved to enjoy as many sunsets as possible before the sun goes on a vacation this year. And turns out it is therapeutic.

See some beautiful autumn colors here 

Here are some beautiful sunsets I’ve savored:

 A sunset from The Hague, the sea city of Netherlands.  I never saw such a lavender sky before. Scheveningen beach is famous for its gorgeous sunset views

Beautiful Sunset

I think nature wears her best attire at dusk, as the sun soaks her in warm and dramatic tones

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

At this time of the day, even when you look away from the setting Sun, it rewards you with spectacular sights

Beautiful Sunset

I enjoy watching ducks in flight and eagerly await their calls every evening

Beautiful Sunset

Also read my story about birdwatching

Beautiful Sunset

It appears to me that, as the Sun goes down the life around it comes alive

Beautiful Sunset

Magical: watching birds making their way home against brilliantly painted sky and listening to their calls.

Beautiful Sunset

Some beautiful Earth pictures here

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