The Autumn Saga

Thanks to autumn, yellow took over my favorite color “pink” and slowly taking over my existence. I even went to the extent of  buying two winter jackets in the same color “yellow”. I had the audacity to wear the yellow jacket and step out of the house, but the very next minute I mistook myself with the postman I just crossed. And the German postal department’s color, head to toe, is yellow! I imagined myself applying for a postwoman job, now that I met the minimum requirement of owning a yellow jacket, if not a yellow bike, a yellow trouser, a yellow t-shirt and a yellow hat. But I gave up the idea immediately when I pictured the interviewer handing me a map and asking me to spot an address on the map. I would effortlessly score a D+ in the map test.

Coming back to the autumn saga and how overwhelmed I’m by it. I look out of my window, in the distance, I see the wind gently blowing on the trees and the leaves detaching themselves and swaying to the tunes of the wind and touch the ground. I feel privileged to watch such a magical performance by nature.


Despite the cold, I’m more enthusiastic about running in the autumn than I was in the summer. And I wear a red jacket to avoid getting run over by the bikes. Unlike in the summer, I get a yellow carpet welcome in the park. While I run, I look up at the trees and the kaleidoscope of colours they offer. I listen to the dry leaves crumble under my weight, and I think I can run like this forever and four kilometres later I’m tired and want to take a break. I sit next to a pond and take in the sight of the magnificent park decorated in sparkling gold and tell myself “life is beautiful.”

Phone shots

Autumn Yellow carpet



I see an elderly woman approach my bench and sit next to me. She takes out a plastic bag full of bread to feed the seagull and ducks in the pond.   The moment she starts to tear the bread, I see the seven deadly sins in the world of seagulls and pigeons unfold right in front of my eyes. The gluttony, the greed, the stealing, the wrath, the screams, the competition and the fear. Not exactly the same seven deadly sins, it is deadly nonetheless. It is like I’m watching a mini crime scene take place right under my nose.

Some seagulls bully each other, some stand in the distance and just indecisively watch, one seagull even steals a piece of bread from a pigeon’s beak. I notice some of these seagulls are tagged and under observation and I’m sure they are all going to score bad grades at the end of it. I can’t believe that these are the same seagulls sitting pretty in the pond, looking innocent like the monks of the Himalayas just a little while ago.   Having said that, it is a delightful crime scene and a very noisy orchestra. No, I’m not for violence. Although many would disagree, I find seagulls adorable.




Warning: reduce the volume before you play the video, alternatively you could close your ears too.



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