I’m smitten with autumn colors and here’s the proof

By Mamta Naidu
In Humor
Dec 6th, 2016

Last year was my first European autumn colors experience. The changing colors of autumn foliage affected me so much so that I even bought a winter jacket in yellow to match the season’s color. I wrote about it here.  Thanks to my yellow jacket, my friends started spotting me from miles even in the busiest train station and some perhaps avoided me.  At the university, in a class of 40 students-despite sitting in the last bench-professor once pointed at me and said, “girl in the yellow jacket, can you answer this question for me”?  That’s when I decided against materialistic yellow indulgence.

I was thrilled beyond words to see the parks and sidewalks swathed in various shades of yellow, red, blue, pink, black, you name it.  

When I go running, I stop every few seconds to wow at a patch of bright leaf litter.

Thus, I even lost a few running buddies, for I wasn’t running long enough unless someone reminded me of the purpose.   After a while, I chose to walk instead to thoroughly appreciate the hues of the nature.

Owing to autumn colors, I even took interest in identifying trees, especially the ones that change colors and with great pride I announce I can identify TWO types of trees now: Maple and Oak. And I never entertain irrelevant questions such as which Maple, which Oak while I’m busy identifying these ubiquitous trees.

And some pictures of autumn colors..

I saw this scene while I was running and then I had to stop running. Do you see what I mean? 

autumn colors

It is only fair to show you my popular yellow jacket, I thought. 


Maple leaf leading the path

autumn colors

Frosted Maple

autumn colors

And first snow of the season on Oak leaves 

autumn colors


autumn colors

I never knew Ivy leaves turn pink in autumn.

autumn colors

autumn colors


autumn colorsautumn colors

autumn colors

autumn colors

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